Learn the Basics

During any given day, there are hackers and cybercriminals trying to compromise your computer, company and sensitive information by using malware (short for “malicious software”) and other tactics designed to trick you into disclosing your private information. Keep these tips in mind to help protect against fraud.

Enable Two-Step Verification on your Viewpost account Share user accounts or your password
Discuss Viewpost business connections offline with your buyers and vendors Remain logged into your session after you’re finished
Carefully confirm the company you’re connecting with is the correct one Include sensitive information, such as social security numbers and medical information, on invoices
Accept invitations from entities you’re familiar with Open attachments or click on links from entities you do not recognize or suspect are not who they say they are
Review invoices against goods and services rendered Assume that invoice details are accurate
Verify “https” and the lock icon are present when accessing your Viewpost account Provide username or password if the lock icon is not present

Protect Your Business

At times, fraud occurs within your own company. Viewpost gives you options for taking control of user permissions to protect confidential information.

Carefully use and assign Viewpost permissions to support accounting controls, like separating duties

  • Set group and user permissions to match each employee’s job function
  • Require dual approval for sending a digital payment
  • Periodically review Viewpost permissions to ensure they’re current and accurately align with user roles within the company
  • Deactivate users as part of your company’s employee exit procedure
  • Monitor user activity by reviewing the Viewpost Recent Activity window pane and email notifications
  • Regularly review your bank accounts and immediately report unauthorized activity


Report Suspicious Activity

We encourage you to notify us of incidents of fraud or suspicious transactions. Contact Viewpost Customer Support at 888.248.9190 or send us an email. Remember, Viewpost will never contact you asking for your password.