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Who We Partner With

Banks / Card Issuers

Viewpost eliminates sales barriers and expands your target market to the remaining B2B client that print checks (all) rather than only those willing to absorb the high cost of switching payment providers.

Technology Providers

Offer greater value by adding remote check printing, digital payments, or FinalCheck optimization to any enterprise ERP, accounting, or payment solution.

Check Printers

We’ve turned checks into an onramp to digital payments, enabling traditional check printing services to quickly enter the digital payments market and capture new revenue without extra effort.

Referral Partners

We partner with a broad range of financial, technology, and consulting companies that serve enterprise organizations and seek innovative ways to help their customers improve efficiency, security, and savings.

Why Partner with Viewpost

Viewpost expands the addressable market for virtual card and other digital payments with a solution that’s easy to sell and effortless to deploy.

Eliminate the “switch”

Typical enterprise payment solutions require their prospects to rip and replace existing solutions, dramatically increasing the cost and complexity for their prospects. Not Viewpost. We work alongside existing solutions to capture untapped value, making our solution easy to sell and even easier to use.

Expand your market

Viewpost turns checks into a digital onramp. That means every company that prints checks (and they all do) becomes a potential customer. Better still, since Viewpost immediately begins producing material cash savings for your customers, its results ensure an increased ROI on other client solutions.

Boost customer satisfaction

Nobody likes checks. But when you help your customers eliminate more of them while generating rebates that cover the cost of printing by a factor of 30-40X (without any extra effort), check solutions begin to look pretty good. More importantly, you look even better.

Unlock new economics

Viewpost reinvents traditional check printing economics by turning a low-margin printing solution into a high-margin, high-revenue digital payments solution that’s easy to integrate and begins generating revenue immediately.

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Strategic Relationships

Behind every partnership agreement is a good old-fashioned handshake.

While our partnerships are built on a unique product offering, a proven market fit, and a compelling win-win business strategy, the relationships we build rely just as much on integrity, teamwork, and a drive to deliver exceptional value to each of our customers.

Partner with us

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities with Viewpost.