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What Drives Us

Digital Payment Conversion

We remove friction and barriers within enterprise payments to help AP leaders increase efficiency and accelerate conversion to digital payments.

Seamless Integration

Seamless means our solutions works alongside your existing systems and partners without disrupting the way you work or who you work with today.

Enterprise Security

Our payments and data infrastructure is trusted by top banks and many of the largest organizations in America.

Exceptional Results

We consistently increase efficiency, enhance payment security, and capture untapped savings for enterprise AP organizations.

The Problem

Enterprise organizations have invested heavily to eliminate checks, yet $12+ trillion B2B payments are still mailed every year. We asked why.

Why do enterprise companies still send so many checks?

Typical AP automation solutions enroll vendors via periodic calling campaigns, eliminating only a fraction of B2B check payments and leaving the payor responsible for the rest. Viewpost picks up where others leave off by dynamically examining outbound checks and enrolling vendors before checks are printed. The solution works seamlessly with existing payment processes to boost efficiency, save time, and capture greater savings, regardless of whether check printing is outsourced or managed in-house.

Why is converting the long tail of paper checks not a bigger priority when check fraud and costs have never been higher?

Two common perceptions within enterprise organizations are that few checks are left to convert or that the effort required to convert them isn’t worth the benefit. In reality, while conventional payment providers struggle with the long tail of check conversion, paper check volume and its associated risk are often far higher than executives perceive. That’s where Viewpost fits in — converting more without extra effort.

Why do the systems and partners that promise to eliminate checks leave their clients dealing with them?

Check printing is an expensive solution for both AP departments and payment providers. Since enterprise organizations all have existing check print solutions, it is often easiest (and certainly more profitable) for them to leave the responsibility and work of printing checks with the customer.

Why aren’t more suppliers accepting card payment when industry data shows they are willing to accept it?

Periodic and time-limited enrollment campaigns, which target all suppliers on an enterprise’s vendor master, simply can’t reach and disposition all vendors. Every missed vendor continues to receive checks until the next campaign, which may not occur for another twelve to eighteen months. Viewpost boosts enrollment (without disrupting existing card programs) by continuing real-time enrollment efforts every time check payments are sent. Card acceptance increases significantly when active payments are waiting, enrollment is easy, and payment assistance is available.

Why do AP organizations endure high switching costs only to achieve a fraction of the promised results?

Integrated payables, AP automation, and bank-provided card programs are designed to replace existing solutions, not complement them. The result is another complex integration and change-management project for an uncertain return. Viewpost understands these concerns and never proposes a change to current providers. Instead, we pick up where they leave off, with the remaining checks, creating incremental savings that often exceed printing costs by 40X.

Enterprise Digital Payments

Change isn’t easy. That’s why we worked hard to design payment solutions that complement the way you work, rather than change it.

No process changes

With Viewpost, you can continue to send payments just like you do today. There’s no process or technology changes required.

No complex IT requirements

Unlike most payment solutions, there’s no complex or costly IT effort needed to get started. Just send us your check payments file and we do the rest.

No partner disruption

Relationships are important. That’s why we enable you to capture additional value and savings from Viewpost without disrupting any of your existing bank or provider relationships.

Exceptional results

Viewpost has reinvented payment optimization and, from the long tail of checks, often triples the results of our clients’ primary payment providers. Our solution captures enormous value that would have otherwise literally been lost in the mail.


Seamless means you don’t need to replace your existing technology. The new solution just fits.

Enterprise organizations already have multiple solutions to optimize ACH and wire payments, international transactions, and virtual card programs, yet enormous numbers of checks remain. Viewpost’s check optimization solution further optimizes remaining checks without disrupting existing programs or providers.

Viewpost Customers

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