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Knowing the status of your online invoices and payments is not only eye-opening, it’s game-changing. Like managing your cash flow with greater efficiency and certainty.

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  • Send Invoices

    Send Invoices

    Send unlimited online invoices to trading partners over the Viewpost network at no cost, and say goodbye to paper invoices.

  • Receive Payments

    Receive Payments

    Never wait for the mailman again. Receive electronic payments securely in your business bank account through the Viewpost network.

  • Make Payments

    Make Payments

    Send online payments to trading partners without the hassle of stamps and envelopes and sharing sensitive information.

  • Manage Cash Flow

    Manage Cash Flow

    View the status of invoices and payments to improve business relationships and eliminate time-consuming busywork.

  • Grow Your Network

    Grow Your Network

    Save time and money by connecting with your customers and suppliers on Viewpost to multiply accounting process efficiencies for everyone.

Simplify your day. Starting today.

Run your business instead of running in circles. Online invoicing and payments gives you visibility into real-time cash flow, and directs incoming electronic payments into your business bank account.


Protect your time and your wallet. Sending a payment via Viewpost is simple and costs less than a stamp and envelope. And it’s free to send online invoices and receive online payments from your network.


Focus on your customers. Online remittance information shows your suppliers when you paid and what you paid, so they don’t have to follow up on open invoices and distract your attention.


Purge paper from your payment process. Enter bills into Viewpost, send payment to any suppliers, and we’ll invite any unconnected suppliers to join you in your cost-efficiency.


Put your cash surplus to work for you. Easily share your willingness to pay early at a set discount. When suppliers accept your terms, you save and they get the working capital they need. It’s a win-win.


Say goodbye to supplier phone calls. Suppliers are notified when you’ve reviewed, approved and paid their invoice, and it happens with a quick touch of a button.


Open the lines of communication, online. With remittance information included for every payment, there’s no more need for time-consuming phone calls.


Maintain the data of your accounting software with the power of online invoicing. Sync data to and from Viewpost at the touch of a button.


Save time and money, for you and your connected trading partners. There’s no limit to the number of invoices you send or payments you receive—for free.


Save time and money—it's a beautiful thing.

Each month, I spend about manually creating invoices, on stamps, and stuffing envelopes. I had to spend calling customers to check on payments, and at least on trips to the bank.

With Viewpost®, you'll save about this much per year:

working hours
$ on postage
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*Calculator results will vary based on information entered and Viewpost Services used by you and business partner(s)

What can Viewpost do for you?

“The cost structure is very transparent. You know exactly what Viewpost is going to cost.”

How we helped make the business better: 

IBG eliminates clients’ pain-points with sending and receiving payments by integrating Viewpost with Microsoft GP for a fresh approach to a previously labor-intensive process.

“Viewpost helped us look at our business differently by taking the efficiencies we expect in the field and bringing them into the processes inside.”

How we helped make the business better:

Implementing Viewpost was two-fold for TAKA Elevator. They improved vendor satisfaction through visibility while creating a more efficient accounts payable process.

“I don’t have to print checks or sign checks or stuff them in envelopes or pay for postage.”

How we helped make the business better: 

By integrating Viewpost with industry accounting software, &Barr decreased the time spent processing payments from several hours to 30 minutes per week.

"The value is tremendous—the value to the vendor is they don’t have to waste their time following up." Bob Yarmuth, CEO, Sonny’s BBQ

How we helped make this business better:

Sonny’s BBQ franchisees can now focus on their customers, the food, and the community instead of vendor follow-ups during peak business hours.

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