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Customers using FinalCheck Payments

Convert and save more

FinalCheck targets the stubborn long tail of B2B check payments and turns it into effortless efficiency and savings for your AP organization.

What is FinalCheck?

FinalCheck is a real-time check optimization service that transforms remaining check payments into revenue-generating virtual credit cards or other forms of digital payment.

How do I use it?

Viewpost uses your existing check file, so there’s no extra work or process change. Send payments as usual, and we optimize them for digital payment before any checks are printed.

No partner disruption

There’s no change to any existing payment partner or banking relationships — if you have an existing virtual card program, it stays in place and FinalCheck captures opportunities that have been missed.

Exceptional results

FinalCheck produces exceptional results with no extra effort required, generating rebates that typically offset your existing check printing costs by 30 to 40 times or greater.

Different is Better

There’s a lot to love and not much to do. That’s what makes Viewpost different.

Simple to get started

We use your existing check payment file, so there’s no extra integration work or heavy IT requirements to get started.


No change required

Send payments the same way you do today. Keep your payment processes, bank relationships, and existing payment providers.


Boost existing programs

The payments we convert and the money you save are always incremental to existing conversion efforts and payment programs.


Continuous enrollment

Between the time you choose to print checks and when they hit the printer, we actively enroll vendors, eliminating the need for checks to be sent and creating savings that would otherwise be lost in the mail.


Real-time conversion

Suppliers are much more likely to accept digital payments when waiting for invoices to be paid. Real-time enrollment and check conversion occur every time payments are sent.


Special payments handling

Viewpost seamlessly assists with unique payment requirements, like portal payments, phone processing, card payment limits, and more.


AI-driven technology

Our supplier enrollment and payment processing tools are built with proprietary technology that uses AI decisioning and algorithms to maximize payment conversion.


Enterprise-sized savings

Time and again our clients are surprised and pleased by the meaningful savings we unlock from within their check spend.


Personal service

Driven by passion for service excellence, our account managers and support team provide personal and responsive service to ensure payments keep moving.


Exceptional results

Effortlessly capture untapped savings and convert more digital payments for your organization. Customers typically save 30-40X more than check printing costs.


How it Works

All gain. No pain.

Send payments as usual

Our customers send us their existing check payment file via SFTP,  so there’s no change required no matter what accounting system you use or who prints your checks today.

We convert to digital

Viewpost conducts continuous, real-time enrollment every time you send payments, converting check that would have otherwise gone out in the mail.

Vendors (and you) get paid

Payments are delivered to vendors by their preferred payment method, and you earn valuable rebates on all revenue-generating payment methods.

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Effortless Savings

If efficiency is getting a pound of value out of an ounce of effort, FinalCheck must be what you call getting a ton.

High value. Low effort. Our unique approach of dynamically converting checks from within your existing payment flow is what makes us different. It means there’s no change to the way you send payments today, and you capture untapped savings from checks that would have otherwise gone out in the mail.

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