Print checks from anywhere.

Whether your team is working in the office or from a home office, Viewpost remote check printing and electronic payment services enable you to keep supplier payments moving.

Earn cash back.

For suppliers who prefer receive payment via credit card, Viewpost can convert check instructions into electronic payments without any operational or reconciliation changes. Card payments earn cash rebates for you, and they provide faster payments for your vendors.

Get started fast.

No matter the size of your check volume, Viewpost can start processing payments quickly, without complex integration or changes to your normal payment process.

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Pay suppliers the way they want to be paid

Earn Cash Back with Virtual Card Payments

Once you send your payment file, we activate suppliers who accept credit card payments and issue a single-use virtual credit card number for payment, and you get cash back—effortlessly.

Save Money with Electronic Payments

If your supplier doesn’t accept credit card payments, the funds can be deposited directly from your business bank account into theirs for a fraction of the cost of wire or traditional ACH payments.

Outsource Paper Checks When That’s All They’ll Accept

When a supplier requires a paper check, we’ll issue the check on your behalf from the details in your payment file. The hassle and risk of printing and sending paper checks is eliminated.

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Send just one payment file and Viewpost optimizes how suppliers get paid.

For You

Cash Back Rebates

Rebates on virtual card transactions deliver significant savings for your organization.

Simple, Optimized Payments

Send us a single payment file and we'll do the rest, delivering your payments via virtual card, electronic deposit or even paper check.

Fast Deployment

Getting started is quick, simple and requires no technology resources. You’ll be up and running in hours, not weeks or months.

Hands-free Payments

Really, there's nothing extra for you to do to use our service, other than tell us who you want to pay, how much, and when.

Continuous Enrollment

As you add new suppliers to your payment file, Viewpost automatically checks to see if they accept credit card payments, leading to 53 percent more virtual card enrollment than the industry average.

Seamless Data Integration

Viewpost Sync makes data integration simple across accounting packages.

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Be the one who discovers a new source of savings for your company.

For Your Suppliers

Accelerated Payments

More of your suppliers access funds quicker with electronic payment deposits and virtual card payments.

Time Savings

Receiving funds electronically into a bank account or merchant card account is simple and doesn’t require trips to the bank.

Simplified Cash Application

Suppliers know which invoices are being paid thanks to the detailed remittance information included with all three methods of payment.

You send a file. We do the rest.

At the touch of a button, you tell us who to pay, how much to pay, and when. From there we detect who gets paid by virtual card, electronic deposit and paper check. It really is that simple.

Optimizing Your Payments

You Send Payment Instructions to Viewpost

Simply send us your payment file via API sync, upload or FTP.


We Optimize Payment Delivery and Cash Back

Many of your suppliers are already enrolled to receive card payments. If not, we reach out to get them set up.

If Electronic Deposit

We facilitate electronic payment between bank accounts.

If Virtual Card

We successfully enroll suppliers for card payment.

If Paper Check

In a worst-case scenario, we print and mail a paper check.


We Send Virtual Cards to Enrolled Suppliers

Your suppliers receive single-use credit card numbers for the specific amount of each payment, which they process like normal card transactions.


Viewpost is Notified Supplier Payments Have Been Received

Your original checks to those suppliers are then used to repay the card issuer, clearing your account exactly as originally expected.


And if Your Supplier Never Processes Their Card?

Not to worry. We void the card and mail your original check. Either way there’s no change to your process.


You Get Cash Back

Rebates are paid based on overall card volume each quarter.

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Every question is a good one.

A virtual credit card is a single-use credit card delivered electronically to vendors or their merchant processors. These cards are highly secure, as they can only be used once, and then in the amount of your payment. Thereafter, they have no value and could be published online to no effect. ePayable is simply a reference to outsourcing the delivery of some, or all, business payments.
Unlike checks, which are slow to create and receive and are subject to sufficient funds (they can bounce), virtual cards arrive immediately and always in good funds (they will never bounce).
Suppliers who are not enrolled in virtual card payments but have a connected bank account can still get paid by electronic deposit. If the supplier does not have a connected bank account, they will receive a paper check.
When we can see that your supplier accepts card payment, or we think they may want to, we will call them to confirm their interest in being paid by card. When they confirm, they are considered enrolled.
Rebates are deposited into your bank account the month following payment.
Virtual card payments are received days faster than paper checks, are immediately available upon settlement and will always arrive with detailed electronic payment information.
No. Getting set up is quick and easy and requires no IT resources. Nor does it require accounting system changes or nearly any ongoing administrative effort. You’ll send Viewpost a single payment file and we do the rest, including supplier enrollment.

Visit our support page for a full list of frequently asked questions.

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