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Paperless Billing Should Be a Bipartisan Part of Health Care Reform
via PaymentsSource by Tanya Plotnikoff on March 14, 2017


Viewpost and Medius help Florida Hospital cure costly inefficiencies
via Health Management Technology on March 13, 2017


The Financial Technologies That SMEs Aren’t Using
via on March 13, 2017


This Is the Stunning Number of Small Businesses That Have Turned Their Backs on Technology
via Inc. by Chris Matyszczyk on March 8, 2017


18% of Small Businesses Don’t Use Accounting Software
via CPA Practice Advisor on March 7, 2017


Viewpost Study Discovers Two SMB Accounting Vulnerabilities
via PaymentWeek by Mike Dautner on March 2, 2017


Viewpost, Medius Team Up for Electronic B2B Payments with Florida Hospital
via Becker’s Hospital Review by Morgan Haefner on February 9, 2017


PODCAST 2017 Cybersecurity Forecast: A CyberWire Special Edition — Christopher Pierson comments 
via The CyberWire on February 02, 2017


IoT Product Failures and Security Impacts 
via CIO Review on January 31, 2017


What Business Owners Need to Know About the Virtual Credit Card 
via The Huffington Post by Tina Mulqueen on January 19, 2017


Why Pro Sports Teams are B2B Payments Role Models
via on January 12, 2017


How Would Restructuring of CFPB Affect Banks? — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Tracy Kitten on December 22, 2017


Orlando Magic Devises B2B Payments Game Plan
via on December 21, 2016


1 Billion Users Exposed in Another Record Breach from Yahoo — Christopher Pierson comments
via DarkReading by Jai Vijayan on December 15, 2016


Yahoo Breach Alert: 1 Billion Accounts at Risk — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Mathew J. Schwartz on December 15, 2016


Viewpost Partner with Comdata to Provide ePayables
via Accounting Today by Ranica Arrowsmith on December 15, 2016


Viewpost Banks on V-Cards with Comdata
via on December 14, 2016


Viewpost and Comdata Sign Partnership on Electronic Payables
via ThePaypers on December 14, 2016


Viewpost Offers Suppliers Payment by Virtual Credit Card via Comdata Link
via Finextra on December 13, 2016


Viewpost and Comdata Team Up to Streamline Secure ePayables
via PaymentWeek by Mike Dautner on December 13, 2016


Business Insanity Talk Radio Small Business Storytelling, featuring Max Eliscu
via Barry Moltz on December 2, 2016


The Advantages of Electronic Payments and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know
via Small Biz Daily by Rieva Lesonsky on November 7, 2016


Small Business Vendors Hate Slow Check Payments, But High Fees Are Curbing E-Payment Use
via TheStreet by Brian O’Connell on November 4, 2016


97 Percent of Small Businesses Still Use Paper Checks to Make and Accept Payments
via The Washington Post by Gene Marks on November 4, 2016


Collaboration Spurs Treasury Management Innovation
via on November 4, 2016


How Banks Can Knock Checks of Their Throne
via on November 1, 2016


6 Business Essentials to Keep Your Startup Thriving
via AlleyWatch by Martin Zwilling on October 28, 2016


There’s No Check in the Mail 
via The Huffington Post by Luke Douglas on October 27, 2016


Bank of America’s Digital Transformation: Where IT Fits In
via InformationWeek by Susan Nunziata on October 27, 2016


What’s the End Game for FinTech?
via Let’s Talk Payments by Elena Mesropyan on October 27, 2016


Capital One Introduces Blockchain and Analytics for Healthcare 
via Healthcare IT News by Jack McCarthy on October 25, 2016


Blockchain and Natural Language Searches Join Capital One’s Tech Agenda 
via Finextra on October 25, 2016


Capital One Focuses on Treasury Management and Healthcare with Blockchain Builder Gem
via International Business Times by Ian Allison on October 25, 2016


Capital One Is Trying to Bring Blockchain to Healthcare
via Fortune by Sy Mukherjee on October 25, 2016


Capital One Partners with Cutting-Edge Technology Providers
via PaymentWeek on October 24, 2016


SPECIAL ALERT: DDoS Attack Shuts Down Key FinTech Sites  — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Innovation by Grace Noto on October 21, 2016


Viewpost Streamlines Buyer-Supplier Payments with Enhancement

via QSR Web, Pizza Marketplace & Fast Casual on September 14, 2016


The Data Breach Counterattack: Three Ways to Change the Game and Have a Shot at Winning

via CIO Review on September 14, 2016


Viewpost Dynamic Discounting Delivers Risk-Free, Double-Digit Returns to Businesses

via PaymentWeek by Mike Dautner on September 13, 2016


Viewpost Adds Supplier-Originated Early Payment Request Capabilities to Dynamic Discounting Engine

via Finextra on September 13, 2016


For B2B Payments, Discounting, Dynamically

via on September 13, 2016


Bank of America-Viewpost Partnership Brings Digital Payments to SME

via Bank Innovation by Grace Noto on August 25, 2016


Viewpost Creates Invoicing Network for Bank of America Small Biz Customers

via Accounting Today by Ranica Arrowsmith on August 25, 2016


Viewpost Teams Up with BofA to Free Small Businesses from Cash-Flow Bottleneck

via Finextra on August 25, 2016


Bank of America and Viewpost Free Small Businesses From Crippling Cash-Flow Bottleneck

via PaymentWeek by Mike Dautner on August 25, 2016


Viewpost Inks Partnership With Bank of America

via on August 23, 2016


10 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know

via Small Biz Daily by Rieva Lesonsky on August 22, 2016


Bank of America Strengthens Digital Business-to-Business Offerings

via Business Insider by Jaime Toplin on August 19, 2016


Can Social Payments Work for Paper-Intensive Businesses?

via PaymentsSource by John Adams on August 19, 2016


Survival Tips for Fintech Startups as the Herd Thins

via American Banker by Penny Crosman on May 3, 2016


Why Alternative Lending Is a Goldmine for Banks & Who Is Taking Advantage of It

via Let’s Talk Payments by Elena on February 15, 2016


A Long View of the B2B FinTech/Bank Landscape
via on February 2, 2016


Exclusive Interview with Bank of America and Viewpost
via Let’s Talk Payments by Elena on January 12, 2016



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Viewpost Study Discovers Two SMB Accounting Vulnerabilities
via BusinessWire on March 15, 2017


Viewpost and Medius Help Florida Hospital Cure Costly Inefficiencies
via BusinessWire on February 16, 2017


Viewpost Cybersecurity Expert Dr. Christopher Pierson to Speak at RSA Conference
via BusinessWire on February 09, 2017


NBA’s Orlando Magic Adopts Viewpost, Exchanges Over $54 Million in Online Invoices and Payments
via BusinessWire on December 20, 2016


Viewpost and Comdata Team Up to Streamline Secure ePayables
via BusinessWire on December 13, 2016


Viewpost Receives 2017 CSO50 Award From Leading Security Resource Publisher
via BusinessWire on December 8, 2016


PODCAST Securing a Deal: Cyber Security Venture Capitalists on What They Look For — Christopher Pierson comments
via The CyberWire on November 27, 2016


The 4 Biggest Cybersecurity Errors for Consumers to Avoid on Black Friday — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Innovation by Grace Noto on November 24, 2016


Plug Pulled on Soltra Edge Threat Info Sharing Platform — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Tracy Kitten on November 17, 2016


Trump’s Call to ‘Dismantle’ Dodd-Frank: The Effect on Banks — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Tracy Kitten on November 15, 2016


Viewpost Wins 2016 Best B2B Payments Platform
via BusinessWire on November 3, 2016


Viewpost Electronic Invoicing and Payments Survey: The Gut Response to “the Check’s in the Mail”
via BusinessWire on October 27, 2016


Federal Regulators: Increasing Cybersecurity Stance on Financial Institutions
via Help Net Security by Christopher Pierson on October 25, 2016


Viewpost CEO Max Eliscu and Capital One Senior Director Adam Hoffman Featured at Money20/20

via BusinessWire on October 24, 2016


Tough Federal Cybersecurity Standards for Big Banks Proposed — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Tracy Kitten on October 19, 2016


What Does the Massive Yahoo Hack Mean for Banks?  — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Innovation by Grace Noto on October 1, 2016


Max Eliscu named to Top FinTech Influencers in the United States of America
via Let’s Talk Payments on September 21, 2016


Viewpost Dynamic Discounting Delivers Risk-Free, Double-Digit Returns
via BusinessWire on September 13, 2016


Bank of America and Viewpost Free Small Businesses From Crippling Cash-Flow Bottleneck
via BusinessWire on August 25, 2016


SWIFT Heists: The New Account Takeovers? — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Tracy Kitten on July 25, 2016


SEC Prepares for More Cybersecurity Oversight — Christopher Pierson comments
via Bank Info Security by Tracy Kitten on July 21, 2016


Viewpost Receives Highest Enterprise-Ready Rating from the Skyhigh CloudTrust Program

via BusinessWire on July 12, 2016


Podcast with Christopher Pierson—Privacy, Security, Risk and Law Collide

via DtSR Episode 200 on June 28, 2016


Viewpost Lands Greater Orlando Aviation Authority to Streamline Payments

via BusinessWire on June 1, 2016


Thought Leadership Series Interview Featuring Christopher Pierson

via Recorded Future Blog on April 28, 2016


Viewpost Opens San Francisco Office with New Chief Technology Officer

via BusinessWire on March 3, 2016


Viewpost Wins 2016 BIG Innovation Award

via BusinessWire on February 4, 2016


Viewpost Receives 2016 CSO50 Award from IDG’S CSO

via Business Wire on November 20, 2015


Viewpost Executive Receives FireEye Customer Award for BestCISO/CSO

via Business Wire on October 21, 2015


Viewpost Awarded Best In Show at Barlow Research 2015 Innovation Showcase

via Business Wire on August 27, 2015


Max Eliscu Named to 100 Most Influential Fintech Leaders

via Hot Topics by Joel Watson on August 14, 2015


Fifth Third Bank and Viewpost Collaborate to Eliminate Paper Checks

via Business Wire on May 12, 2015


U.S. Bank Partners with Viewpost to Provide Small Business Owners with Fast and Secure Electronic Invoices and Payments

via Business Wire on November 5, 2014



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