Send Payments Directly From NetSuite

You can create your checks in NetSuite and then click on the ViewPost tab from within NetSuite and select which payments you want to send through ViewPost. Checks are signed, sealed and delivered with the click of a button. No printing, signing, stuffing envelopes or stamping. Checks are sent electronically to your connected vendors and paper checks are sent to all other vendors. Simple as pie.


Install the Viewpost Bundle From Within NetSuite

Viewpost is a NetSuite Bundle and can easily be installed within your company file in a matter of minutes. We have created a step by step instruction manual for you. However, our support team is here for you if you have any questions.


The Viewpost NetSuite Bundle is Free to Install

Good news — in addition to being free to install, there are no monthly fees for using Viewpost and you can stop using it without penalty.

Other fees may apply. See our Pricing Page for more details.
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With a simple, automated accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, there’s no more manual data entry and no more stuffing envelopes, because Viewpost® Sync for QuickBooks generates bills in QuickBooks for invoices sent to you via Viewpost and records customer payments received from connected customers. Now you can pay your suppliers and send invoices to your customers at the touch of a button. Remittance data included, whether the payment is sent as an electronic payment or paper check. Either way, your suppliers will know how to apply the payment to their books and we know which invoices to automatically apply your customer payments. Better for you, better for them.