Get Started with Sync for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Transferring data between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Viewpost is quick and simple with our Sync Agent. It’s also free to download and install, and available for use on an unlimited number of workstations.

  1. Connect your business bank account.

    To use the Sync Agent, you’ll first need a Viewpost account connected to your business bank account.

  2. Begin sending and receiving payments.

    With your bank account connected, you’ll be ready to send and receive online payments on Viewpost.

  3. Install the Sync Agent.

    Our Sync Agent is a free download to install on the same workstation as your Dynamics GP accounting software.

    Download Now
  4. Follow the setup instructions.

    Review the Sync Agent User Guide for setup details and to begin syncing your invoice and payments data.

    View User Guide

Sync Data with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Once you’ve installed and initialized Viewpost Sync for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’re ready to transfer receivables and payables data to and from your Viewpost account.

Small Business

When you first sync your invoice and payment data between your Dynamics GP file and your Viewpost account, your customers and vendors will receive an invitation to join. Just think, the time and energy you save will help you focus on running your business.

Accounts Receivable

At the touch of a button, you’ll export your receivables data from Dynamics GP to Viewpost and the invoices are delivered to your customer. Payment receipts (cash receipts) from customers connected to you on Viewpost will import into your Dynamics GP file as a batch, and the Sync Agent applies the cash receipt to the appropriate documents to save you time and reduce hand-keying errors.

Accounts Payable

At the touch of a button, you’ll export your payables data from your Dynamics GP file to your Viewpost account. Suppliers with an email address on file and not already connected to you on Viewpost will automatically receive an invitation to join the network. As your network grows, inefficiency and hassle disappear as suppliers gain visibility into invoice approvals and payment scheduling.

You can also use Dynamics GP to create a check batch, following your normal workflow, and pay suppliers using the Viewpost Sync Agent. Any supplier already connected to you on Viewpost with a verified bank account will receive an electronic payment. If a supplier is not connected or verified, we mail a paper check to them with full remittance information on your behalf. No more MICR toner. No more check stock, envelopes or postage. Click, done.

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With a simple, automated accounts payable process, there’s no more manual data entry and no more stuffing envelopes, because Viewpost® Sync for NetSuite generates bills in NetSuite for invoices sent to you via Viewpost. Now you can pay your suppliers at the touch of a button with full remittance data included, whether the payment is sent as an electronic payment or paper check. Either way, your suppliers will know how to apply the payment to their books. Better for you, better for them.