Pay your bills and keep moving.

The ease of sending online payments through Viewpost® streamlines your bill payment process and gives you back something that’s truly invaluable—time.

Why Send Payments via Viewpost?

The reasons for migrating to online payments can be different for every business, but two of the reasons are universally true on Viewpost: saving time and saving money. What smart business owner wouldn’t want to have more of each?

Save Time

It’s time to stop spending so much time on printing, signing, stuffing, and mailing paper checks. Same goes for the countless phone calls from suppliers checking on the status of payments. By sending online payments via Viewpost, you streamline bill payment while giving your suppliers better visibility into when and how much they’ll be paid, complete with full remittance data. Think of it as time well spent.

Gain Efficiency

Eliminate the overhead costs and headaches of sending paper checks. With Viewpost, you can send online payments to your suppliers who are set up to receive payment via Viewpost. And if your supplier isn’t set up, your online payment will be sent as a paper check, without you needing to lift a finger.

Earn Double Digit Returns

Put your extra cash to work earning extraordinary, risk-free returns. Enable dynamic discounting with Viewpost Express® early payments that generate effortless savings and ROI—not to mention, good will among your supplier relationships.

Connect a Bank Account

Send and receive electronic payments securely and with greater efficiency by connecting your business bank account to Viewpost. Simply add a bank account to your profile during initial registration or when you’re ready to begin saving time and money.

Add a Payment Method


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  1. Go to your company name.

    Select your company name from your dashboard to access your profile settings.

  2. Select "Payment Methods."

    Here you can add a new bank account or modify existing accounts.

  3. Add your bank information.

    Enter your business bank account information. Your trading partners will not be able to see this information.

  4. Verify your bank account.

    We’ve made it easy to verify your accounting in one of two ways:

    1. Verify with an enabled bank: We partnered with Plaid to make your bank account verification even quicker and easier. If you have a Plaid account, simply choose Plaid authentication during bank account registration to quickly verify your account.
    2. Verify with micro-deposit: We send two micro-deposits to your bank account. Once the micro-deposits appear on your bank statement (usually within 1-2 business days), log in to your Viewpost dashboard and enter the micro-deposits to complete the verification.

We built relationships with the following banks to process electronic payments:

  • Bank of America
  • U.S. Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • BB&T
  • Northern Trust
  • JPMorgan Chase

Quick Tip: If you have more than one business bank account, Viewpost allows you to connect as many bank accounts as you’d like up to a maximum of 10 accounts.

Set Up Payment Approvals

Keep the same approval process you have today while streamlining bill payment. It’s just like signing physical checks, but without the need to be physically present.

  1. Add another signer.

    Keep your payment approval process by adding an additional signer to your account.

    Add another signer


  2. Send an invitation.

    Simply adding a user under Company Settings will send an invite to the second signer so they know how and where to register as a user on your Viewpost account.

  3. Make payments.

    Each member of your account can initiate payments. Once all of your signers have approved a payment, the payment is automatically sent.

View & Manage Bills

Keep track of what you owe and what you already paid with a quick glance at your Inbox. View, sort, and respond to bills quickly, so you can get back to business.

View and Manage Bills


Approve an invoice.

Approve invoices to create matching bills on Viewpost so you can schedule them for payment. Once scheduled for payment, bills are moved to your payment queue.

Dispute an invoice.

Ask suppliers for clarification or corrections by disputing an invoice, and they’ll be automatically notified—without a phone call.

Pay an invoice early.

Easily see when a supplier has requested early payment on approved bills and agreed to your discount terms. Pay early, save and empower your supplier to keep business moving.

Quick Tip: 

  • If you are an accounting package Sync user, then these pages may appear and function differently.
  • To view and take action on any items in the inbox, you must be granted the appropriate account permissions.

Send Payments

You have a choice of three easy ways to send online payments to your suppliers through Viewpost. Choose the method that works best for you.

Setup Dynamic Discounting

Save and earn higher returns with early payments by turning on Viewpost Express® dynamic discounting. Your suppliers receive notification of your early payment offer and can accept the discount at the touch of a button.

Setup your discount table


  • Mobile


    Send payments on the go with our Viewpost Invoice iOS mobile app.

  • Web Browser

    Web Browser

    Send payments from your laptop or office desktop computer by accessing Viewpost in a web browser.

  • Accounting Software Sync

    Accounting Software Sync

    Eliminate the cost and hassle of mailing payments while automatically notifying your suppliers of their invoice status. How? Prepare payments like you always do and export the data up to Viewpost for payment at the touch of a button.

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