Manage your cash flow.

Take full advantage of Viewpost’s cash flow management software by turning on dynamic discounting. Your connection to your suppliers on Viewpost® creates opportunities to earn risk-free, double-digit returns by offering to pay early for a discount. With on-demand early payments, you save on approved invoices by agreeing to pay early for a discount. Meanwhile your suppliers gain access to cash. It’s a win-win.

Pay Less by Paying Early

Earn higher returns on surplus cash or credit lines by paying bills early through Viewpost. You not only save money, you empower suppliers with the working capital they need and further improve your trade relationships.

Turn On Dynamic Discounting

Within your Viewpost dashboard, access your Company Settings to update your Early Payment Settings. Give your first discount table a name. This table becomes your default discount table, so pick a general name. You can create more specific discount tables later.

Set Your Discount Rate

This is the percentage you save based on the invoice age at the time of early payment. The discount rate decreases as an invoice nears its due date. Not to worry, you get to set a discount floor that sets the lowest rate or dollar amount that you’ll accept.

Pay and Save

View all of your bills that qualify for discounted early payments. Once your supplier requests early payment, your bill will appear in your Early Pay Request list view. Simply click Save to pay and save on a single invoice, or check the selection boxes on the left of each row to pay and save on multiple invoices at the same time.

Your Suppliers Get Paid Early

Suppliers can access the cash tied up in unpaid invoices — all risk-free with dynamic discounting through Viewpost. From anywhere at anytime, your suppliers know when one of their approved invoices is eligible for early payment. It’s a powerful way for them to obtain working capital directly from business customers who already owe them payment.

Your suppliers receive automated alerts

Once you approve a supplier’s invoice it becomes available for early payment via Viewpost. The supplier receives an email notifying them of your early payment offer, and can accept the offer to be paid early for the stated discount.

Supplier Views eligible invoices

From the notification email, a supplier can link directly to their Get Paid Early page in Viewpost to view the details of your discount offer and request early payment. Remember, both you and your suppliers have a right to decline an offer and request.

Supplier requests early payment

Suppliers can request early payment by accepting the terms that you offer to them. Or, if you elect to receive bids from suppliers (in Early Payment Settings), they can submit a new discount rate for your approval. Supplier offers expire in 72 hours, so act fast when you see them.

Suppliers can request on Multiple invoices

It’s simple for suppliers to request early payment on a single invoice or on multiple invoices through Viewpost. After all, the sooner they get paid, the quicker they can deliver products or services to customers like you.

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