Electronic payments pay off, over and over.

In a fraction of the time and effort that paper checks require, an electronic payment can be sent via Viewpost® from your customer’s bank account and deposited into yours. And when it arrives, you’ll know which invoice items are being paid—without picking up the phone.

Mailman? Middleman?
No thanks, man.

Electronic Payments Paper Check
Receive secure payment deposits into your domestic business bank account in as little as 1 business day (for Viewpost-enabled banks).

Receive payment within 3-7 business days for banks that are not Viewpost-enabled.
Wait for the mail to arrive, make time to bring the checks to the bank, then wait some more for the funds to officially clear for availability.
Track the status of open invoices online, from anywhere at anytime. Call customers during office hours to ask about the status of payment.
Know which invoices are being paid and when. Call customers to request details about which invoices the payments should be applied to.
Enter your bank account information in a single, secure place without needing to share or maintain it with your customers.
If direct deposit is available from your customer: Share bank account information over the phone with each customer, and update the information with each customer when you change your preferred bank account.

See how fluid cash flow can be.

Protect your payments and information.

Secure your payments and sensitive bank account information with enterprise-grade encryption on Viewpost.

Receive direct payment deposit.

Stop running to the bank, and spend more running your business. Payments via Viewpost are deposited into your business bank account in as little as 1 business day.

Know when and how much you’ll be paid.

Track the status of online invoices and incoming payments thanks to the connectivity and visibility made possible by the Viewpost network.

Access the cash tied up in eligible invoices.

Viewpost makes it possible for your connected customers to proactively offer discounts for early payments. When you have eligible invoices and need extra cash, simply accept the discount terms by requesting early payment at the touch of a button.

Ensure fastest payment possible.

Following are the Viewpost Enabled® banks that currently allow the fastest method of electronic payment:

  • Bank of America
  • BMO Harris
  • BB&T
  • Chase
  • Capital One
  • Fifth Third
  • PNC
  • Regions
  • U.S. Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Three simple steps to receive payments online.

Send Online Invoices

It’s a quick and simple way to tell your customers you want to get paid. Send digital invoices to your customers, from anywhere at anytime. With built-in invitations, the Viewpost network encourages your customers to join and send electronic payment.

Send Digital Invoices

Receive Notification of Payment

Keep a closer eye on your cash flow without lifting a finger. Viewpost notifications tell you when payment has been made so you can make the best decisions throughout the day.

Manage Cash Flow

Request an Early Payment

Access working capital on demand when you see invoices eligible for early payment. View eligible invoices on your dashboard, request early payment to accept your customer’s discount terms, and your customer will receive notification. If they accept your request, the early payment is electronically deposited into your preferred business bank account.

Dynamic Discounting with Viewpost
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