Unlimited invoicing brings countless advantages.

Improve efficiency and eliminate paper with unlimited online invoicing. Create, customize, and send with ease. At no cost, no matter how many.

Free invoicing. Even better, free certainty.

Yesterday’s invoicing

Stuffing envelopes, adding postage, and putting your business at the mercy of the mail.

Today’s (and tomorrow’s) invoicing

Saving time, saving money, and knowing when you’ll be paid with free online invoicing.

Seeing is unbelievable.

Know when and how much you’ll be paid. 

Track the status of your invoices, from anywhere at anytime, to see when they’ve been received, reviewed, approved and paid.

Fast. And easy on the wallet. 

Not only is it super free to send online invoices with Viewpost®, it’s super efficient. Choose from our online invoice templates to create invoices, or upload invoices from your accounting software. Either way, sending them to your customers with electronic data is only a button away.

Three steps to easy online invoicing.

Create Custom Invoices Online

Start with our invoice template and add your business logo to make it your own. Add as many line items as you must. You can even sign it with a note addressed to your customer.

Send and Track

Send the invoice to your customer, whether they’re on the Viewpost network or not. Customers on the network will receive notification on their dashboard. Customers not on the network will receive the invoice as an email attachment with an invite to join the network.

Grow Your Network

Encouraging your customers to join Viewpost and share in the benefits of online transactions is good for your business and theirs. It’s easy to send invitations to join and connect right from your Viewpost account

Do what you do, even better.

  • Hospitality


    Putting smiles on the faces of your guests or clients can require long hours of preparation. When it’s time for invoicing, it’s time for simple and quick.

  • Service


    When service is your business, then every interaction with your customers is important. Improve your business relationships with more efficient transactions.

  • Healthcare


    You’ve no doubt seen the upside to having electronic patient records, and now you can achieve similar cost-efficiencies with painless invoicing.

  • Retail


    Focus more of your attention on your shop customers by spending less time bookkeeping in the back office.

  • Freelance


    Being your own boss means you get to make all the decisions. This one’s a no-brainer because it costs nothing and helps you get paid on time.

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