For sending one invoice, or thousands.

Simple and Powerful Online Invoicing
Simplify invoicing and take greater control of your cash flow with online invoicing built for businesses of any size. Automate recurring invoices to save time and get paid faster, track invoice status, and connect a bank account to receive electronic payment.

Invoicing that works as hard as you do.

Features Benefits
Electronic Invoicing Send unlimited online invoices, super fast and super efficient. Reduce costly errors, costly fees and the cost of mailing paper.
Custom Branding Match your business letterhead by adding your logo art to our online invoice templates. Just drag and drop, and done.
Recurring Invoices Save time and get paid on time by automating the invoices you send regularly for the same amount.
Early Payment Access cash on demand by offering a discount to your customer in exchange for early payment. Simply set your terms and send your invoice.
Status Tracking Upload invoices seamlessly from your accounting software at the touch of a button for delivery complete with electronic data.
Data Integration Upload invoices seamlessly from your accounting software at the touch of a button for delivery complete with electronic data.
Mobile Apps Get paid sooner by invoicing your customers on-site or on the go with our Viewpost Invoice apps for iOS and Android.


Invoice like a pro.

Make our online invoice templates your own by adding your business logo. Drafting an invoice is quick and simple. Add your customer’s name or search the network to autofill. Add line items, P.O. number, and additional notes for customer payment instructions.

Getting paid on time can be as simple as sending your invoices on time. With recurring invoices, set the frequency and duration, then let every month take care of itself. You save time and help your cash flow stay on schedule. In a way, it’s a lot like getting paid without lifting a finger.

Take greater control of your cash flow with Viewpost Express® early payment discounting. When you need cash for payroll, seasonal inventory or whatever your business needs, use the built-in dynamic discounting feature to simply set invoice terms and offer your customer a discount in exchange for early payment. It’s a win-win.

Know when and how much you’ll be paid by tracking the status of your invoices from the moment they leave your fingertips. See when they’re received, reviewed, approved and scheduled for payment—all in real time. If there’s one thing we’re certain about, it’s giving you more confidence in your business decisions.

Receive electronic payment deposit securely into your bank account. With your account connected to Viewpost, funds are available quicker. No waiting for paper checks to arrive in the mail. No trips to the bank to deposit checks or waiting for them to clear. Heck, no need to even be in the same state (or hemisphere) when payments arrive.

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Streamline your bill payment process by sending electronic payments at a fraction of the cost for writing and mailing paper checks.