Simple. Online. Payments.

It’s easy to eliminate the cost, risk, and inefficiencies of paper checks by sending online payments through the Viewpost® network. By connecting your bank account to your Viewpost account, you can switch to an electronic payment service, stop sharing sensitive bank account information with your customers, and make payments on the go for less than the cost of a stamp and envelope.

Let’s see how paper checks stack up.

Online Payments Paper Checks
Send funds from any domestic bank account Buy check stock, stamps and envelopes
Notify suppliers when an invoice has been paid Answer calls from suppliers inquiring about the status of invoices and payments
Include remittance data with the payment Include photo copies of remittance details at best
Pay any bill electronically, whether it’s a paper bill or digital bill Write checks, stuff envelopes, and apply postage
Finish paying bills without a trip to the post office Drop off checks at the post office
Protect sensitive bank account information Share sensitive bank account information through the mail
Auto transcribe invoices into your Viewpost account using your AP Inbox email. Manually hand-keying invoice items one by one in order to sync with our platform.

Simplicity pays dividends.

Send secure payments for less.

Your information and transactions are protected by our enterprise-grade encryption, and you don’t have to share any bank account information with suppliers. Plus, we’re certified by trusted third-party experts. Our standard fees apply:

  • $0.50 to send an electronic payment of any amount (to suppliers on the network)
  • $1.50 to send a paper check of any amount (to suppliers not on the network)
Include online remittance information.

Your suppliers receive payments with remittance data included so they don’t have to call or email you to gather details.

Keep your payment approval workflow.

Set up permissions within Viewpost to control your internal workflow and approvals. Choose the bill you want to pay and route it for approval. Once it’s approved, your suppliers receive notification that payment is on the way.

Save by paying early.

Put your idle cash to good use by offering to send early payments with Viewpost at discounted terms that you set and share with your suppliers. Your suppliers can then see approved eligible invoices, agree to your terms and request early payment on demand. You earn risk-free, double-digit returns, and they get the cash they need to fulfill orders and keep customers like you happy.

Collect your invoices in one place.

Receive invoices from outside the Viewpost network directly into a custom Viewpost email address for automated invoice processing in a single location. Pull invoices of varying formats, and the supporting documentation, into Viewpost where they convert to bills for  seamless review, routing, approval and payment.

This service is currently in beta release and is available only by request through customer support.

Four simple steps to simple electronic payments.

Register Your Bank Account

Connect up to 10 business bank accounts to your Viewpost account. It’s a single, secure place to send (and receive) online payments without sharing bank information with trading partners.

Setup a Discount Table

Your ability to save and earn higher returns on approved bills begins with our Viewpost Express early payment discount table template. Customize your discount terms and payment thresholds, then assign the table to your designated suppliers so they’ll be notified when approved invoices are eligible for early payment.

Receive Invoices or Enter Bills

Whether you receive online invoices from suppliers through Viewpost or receive paper invoices in the mail, easily add them to your approval workflow and payment queue.

Make Payments

We do the heavy lifting. Send payment online from your Viewpost account to any domestic supplier. If your supplier is on Viewpost, they’ll receive an electronic payment. If they have not yet joined Viewpost, we’ll mail them a paper check on your behalf. Either way, they’ll also receive notification that payment is on the way.

Start making the transition to simple online payments.
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