Everyone benefits from dynamic discounting solutions.

Whether you’re in need of working capital or have extra cash on hand, Viewpost empowers you to manage cash flow with on-demand immediacy. A customer can share their willingness to pay early for set discount terms, while their supplier can see the discount terms with the invoices eligible for early payment. On-demand payment can then be requested and paid simply, quickly and appreciatively.

Real-time data. Real opportunity.

Get paid early

Without picking up the phone, request early payment from your business customers.

Earn double-digit returns

Set your discount terms and share them with suppliers to pay early and save.

Replace barriers with opportunities.

Set up custom discount tables.

Optimize returns on your company’s idle cash by customizing your own early payment discount terms. Use our free online discount table tool to create multiple discount tables and apply unique settings to individual suppliers.

Setup your discount table



Automate early payments.

Automatically send early payments to your suppliers when they request early payment. Simply set maximum payouts per payment, supplier or day, then sit back and earn double-digit returns without lifting a finger. Sending Viewpost Express early payments is optional and costs the sender $0.50 per payment, plus 30% of the savings earned from early payment terms.

Automate early payments




View invoice eligibility.

All discount opportunities can be viewed at a glance on the Get Paid Early page. Here it’s simple to see which invoices are available for early payment and to compare the discounts offered on each invoice and by different customers.

Request early payment on eligible invoices


Send early payment requests.

When your business in need of cash, select one or more eligible invoices from your dashboard and send early payment requests at the touch of a button.

Single or multiple early payment requests


See the cash and returns coming in.

Access Cash When You Need It

Vendors receive email notification when early payment options are available. A simple click displays invoices that are eligible for early payment, including details on discount terms. Send an early payment request to your business customer and, if they accept your request, the early payment is electronically deposited into your bank account. Oh, and if you don’t like the terms, you don’t have to accept them.

Pay Early and Save

Start by creating a custom discount table and payment terms on Viewpost, then share your terms with connected suppliers. When they request early payment, you’ll receive notification and can send payment at the touch of a button. Or, set up maximum payout thresholds per payment, supplier, or day to enable automated payments.

  • Access a new source of liquidity.

    Access a new source of liquidity.

    Take control of your cash flow by unlocking the cash in your approved, unpaid invoices.

  • Earn unprecedented returns.

    Earn unprecedented returns.

    Earn double-digit returns on your idle cash by paying your suppliers early at a discount.

Show colleagues how to take control of cash flow.
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