A one-of-a-kind capability. In many ways.

Automate AR and AP with a custom data integration.

For large companies that want to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, we work one-on-one to tailor the roll-out of Viewpost across AR and AP teams while providing a custom data sync capability for enterprise accounting systems, such as Oracle and SAP.

We’re honored to be certified for SAP® integration. 




Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates; SAP is the trademark of SAP AG.

Zero cost. Because money shouldn’t be a barrier.

Maximize workflow efficiency

At no cost and for minimal effort by your IT resources, we design a custom script for sharing invoice and payment transaction files between your ERP software and your Viewpost account.

Minimize cost and time-consuming phone calls

Although big companies have grown accustomed to paying big for enterprise solutions, we think the big price tags are more headache than what they’re worth. Go big with Viewpost for no sign up fee and no monthly subscription fee. No kidding.

Cutting costs shouldn’t be costly.

Keep using your ERP accounting software.

Leverage your investment and familiar workflow, while introducing a complementary cloud-based method for efficiently delivering invoices, payments and remittance data. 

Streamline AR and AP functions.

Eliminate paper and time-consuming phone calls by easily sharing electronic invoice and payment data online with your suppliers and customers.

Dramatically reduce costs.

Send and receive unlimited electronic invoices at no cost, and cut the per-item cost of payments below the price of a stamp and envelope.

Enable early payment invoice discounting.

When you have a cash surplus, pay early for a discount and earn double-digit returns. When you need working capital, request early payment on demand.

Impress your peers, and shareholders.

Without spending a penny (aside from buying lunch for our deployment team), procure and implement a secure, cloud-based invoicing and payments solution customized to further improve efficiency, increase savings and optimize cash flow management. This could be the making of a legend.

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