Informed decisions. Anywhere, anytime.

Manage your cash flow with greater insight.

Yesterday, knowing the status of an invoice or payment required time-consuming, and often awkward, phone calls. Today, a glance at your mobile device can show you details of cash inflows, outflows and opportunities for early payment discounting. That’s how being connected to your suppliers and customers on Viewpost can help you make business decisions with more confidence.

Visibility for pursuing your vision.

Know where business is headed

Get anytime access to real-time data and instant payment notifications.

Get paid early or pay early

Use early payment options through Viewpost to access cash or save on payments.

Leave nothing to chance, including your cash flow.

Know when and how much you’ll be paid.

As a supplier, you have an ability to track the status of your open invoices and have a better view of your expected cash position.

Send and receive payments more quickly.

Eliminating the hassle and cost of paper checks by enabling online payments not only saves you time and money but also gives you insight into the amount and approximate date of payment funds availability and withdrawal.

Expedite cash with dynamic discounting through Viewpost.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to online payments through Viewpost is an ability to access cash when you need it or earn more of it by paying early on demand. Either way, utilizing early payment by Viewpost is an excellent way to take control of your cash flow to create and pursue more opportunities for your business.

Use visibility to your advantage.

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Anticipate inflows and outflows

Get insight on what’s going on with invoices you sent or bills you received through your Viewpost account. Status updates notify you of what’s in review, what’s approved, and what you have approved and paid while the speed of electronic payments shortens the payment processing window to give you a more accurate picture of your cash position.

Stop guessing and start knowing

Know the status of your open invoices without having to pick up the phone to call customers, and receive electronic payments quicker than a paper check. When you need to access the cash in your open invoices that are eligible for Viewpost Express early payment, simply send an early payment request to your customer at the touch of a button.

Pay bills quickly and increase ROI

Instantly share the status of payments with your suppliers by sending online payments through your Viewpost account. Also, share your willingness to pay eligible bills early to create more opportunities for earning higher returns. It’s as simple as using our discount table to customize your terms and select individual bills or suppliers. If you choose, you can even maximize your savings and ROI by assigning thresholds and turning on automated Viewpost Express early payments.

Help a colleague spend less time on the phone.
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Manage your cash flow in real-time with dynamic discounting collaboration between you and all your trading partners on the Viewpost® network.