Why Make Electronic Payments a Priority?

In today’s world of eMail, eCards, and eBooks, many of us don’t realize what the “e” really means. Yes, the “e” stands for electronic. But what does it mean, day after day? Efficiency, of course.

Think about it. Instead of waiting on mail, we send an eMail—it’s faster. Instead of mailing a party invitation, we send an eCard invite—it’s more reliable. Instead of picking up a paperback, we buy an eBook—it’s easily transferable. Why then, with all of these advancements, are so many of us still sending paper payments?

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.”

–Bill Gates

Forget efficiency for a moment and look at the numbers: If you’re sending 50 business payments a month, and it costs you $2.00 to send a paper check—between the check stock, envelope, and stamp before you even take into consideration the amount of your payments—you’ve spent $100.00. Now consider the cost of sending 50 electronic payments on Viewpost®. At $0.50 a payment you’ll spend only $25.00. The cost savings alone is reason enough to adopt electronic business payments. Spend your money building your business.

In a fraction of the time that it takes to send a paper check, you are able to send an electronic payment to any of your trading partners via the Viewpost network, and those payments will include remittance data. Think of the time you’ll save every month by not having to print, sign, stuff, and mail checks, or answer phone calls requesting remittance information. Spend your time running your business.



Have you ever faced the frustration of having your payment lost in the mail? We hope you haven’t, but if you have, you know that making the payment wasn’t the painful part. You receive calls from a distraught trading partner, you’re forced to void the check with your bank, write it again, and then entrust its delivery to the same people who lost it the first time. On Viewpost, you’re able to connect with trading partners in a single place without having to share or manage sensitive bank information, and send business payment to them electronically from your bank account into theirs. Lose the headaches that come with lost payments.

We’ll be honest, there’s a time and a place for sending paper in the mail—a handwritten thank you note; a birthday card for your mother; an annual letter to a favorite high school teacher. You know, a gift from the heart. Whereas the cost and inefficiency of paper payments are never a gift.

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