We Love Invoicing

Is invoicing one of your favorite parts of the day? We estimate it isn’t. And why would it be? Invoicing is riddled with miscommunications, interruptions, and delays in processing. So what would make invoices easier for you? How could Viewpost make invoicing one of your favorite business tasks?

The time and money you save could be substantial. Consider the average industry numbers:



If you also consider that your invoicing costs and your wait time for being paid can’t be far from the industry averages, what would your dream cost and wait time be? Let’s start with some goals:

  • Increase visibility and collaboration between you and your business network
  • Resolve problems matching purchase orders with invoices
  • Speed up processing and drive down invoicing cost
  • Maintain regulations for compliance, validating, auditing and keeping traditional habits of business practices


You know what meets all of these goals? E-invoicing.

Now, e-invoicing doesn’t mean scanning paper invoices to create PDFs. It doesn’t mean emailing your invoices as PDF attachments. E-invoicing means paperless processes. Entirely. Perhaps you have a challenge—lack of executive sponsorship, low prioritization—preventing you from adopting e-invoicing on a larger scale. You have to wonder, can you really afford to wait?


It feels amazing to proactively adopt an innovative practice before it becomes the only option.

The Benefits of E-invoicing

  • A short-term route to long-term paperless goals
  • A value-added way to communicate with your business network
  • A strong case for saving time and money
  • Better visibility into internal workflows
  • Process automation
  • Improved quality and efficiency


Rather than the low cost of $2.36, how does FREE sound? Rather than the quick turnaround of 5 days, how would INSTANT feel? What are your metrics for success? How can your current processes be improved?

One last question: How can we help?

To learn more about how Viewpost can add value to your business, follow our blog.


*Average industry numbers gathered through industry research.


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