Viewpost Customers Ready for a Better View of Business

The newest members of the Viewpost network are ready to “purge the paper” and stack up on everyday efficiency. A big welcome to ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, Georgetown University, the Golden State Warriors and Sonny’s BBQ. We’re thrilled to see them and their trading partners join the network.

As our network grows, so does our impact on the way businesses exchange invoices and payments. Our ability to seamlessly integrate with the workflows of members, both large and small, to eliminate the usual barriers faced when exchanging invoices and payments is breathing efficiency and value into what are, by all accounts, remarkably inefficient processes.

New members: 
ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, Georgetown University, the Golden State Warriors and Sonny’s BBQ.

The latest members of our network have recognized that what used to be costly and complex is now simple, automated and almost entirely free.

To put it simply: We value every member. Thanks in large part to the four you see mentioned here, and a rapidly growing list of other companies embracing our paperless and painless vision of business, our network is growing in step with the prospect of a seamless and paperless business future.


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