Tijuana Flats & Sync for Dynamics GP

We’re excited to welcome the Orlando-based restaurant group Tijuana Flats to the Viewpost network. After an initial pilot program, they quickly found time and cost-saving capabilities that would benefit the entire organization.

Tijuana Flats has grown its Tex-Mex footprint to over 100 stores throughout the Southeast region. With their growth and success came an increase in operational headaches related to inbound and outbound invoices and payments. Paper-centric processes for payment and invoicing grew increasingly redundant and time-consuming.

Not only was the paper piling up, but so was the extra effort and cost of manually routing the paper that at the end of the day was adding to the carbon footprint of this environmentally conscious company.

Third-party portals, with an intention to facilitate doing business, were instead creating the busywork of extracting files and manually reconciling payments against open payables.

Viewpost became the catalyst for positive change at Tijuana Flats, and by way of simple invitation, for its trading partners. Through the Viewpost network, Tijuana Flats is able to connect with their trading partners, their financial institution, and their accounting system to seamlessly exchange invoices and payments. And with a simple (and free!) download of the Viewpost Sync Agent for Microsoft Dynamics® GP, they can easily integrate transaction data with a gratifying point and click.

What’s next? Continued growth in their catering division has given Tijuana Flats great appetite for mobile functionality to send invoices on the go. Yes, simplicity can live up to its name.

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