Supplementing Bank Payment Programs to Add Value

Viewpost offers remote check printing combined with the unique ability to convert checks into electronic payments in real time. Even when you already work with a bank, Viewpost can optimize payments that are missed by the bank, increasing efficiency and earning you more rebates without additional effort.

We often hear that organizations with electronic payment programs from their bank end up with similar frustrations:

  • It takes too long to implement, delaying results 
  • It requires process changes and ongoing administrative effort to maintain
  • Vendor enrollment becomes stagnant, causing results to flatten or decline over time

One of the best things about the way Viewpost optimizes payments and generates cash rebates from its electronic payment program is that, in addition to eliminating these pain points, we do so without disrupting your current program or the valuable bank relationship that’s tied to it. 

Simply send us the payments that aren’t served by your bank. We’ll continuously activate more vendors, capture more savings, and provide greater efficiency and security along the way.

Here’s how it works:

Viewpost will free up resources and generate revenue that can empower your AP organization — and we do it without asking you to change the way you work. All we need is a simple payment file and we do the rest. 

It’s really that simple.


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