Stop Paying for Getting Paid

Smart business people everywhere have been lowering the cost of getting paid by paying additional fees for receiving electronic payment. We blame paper, not them. Market data suggests that getting paid by paper check burdens a business with processing costs ranging from $2.00–$5.00 per check. Yikes!

The good news? Any size business can now be paid via Viewpost with electronic deposit—for FREE—directly into their bank account, from any bank.

Besides the obvious, think about what FREE electronic invoicing and deposit could mean for the SMB owner who works long hours and has limited cash flow. No more waiting for paper checks to arrive. No more driving checks to the bank for deposit. No more waiting for paper to be processed so funds are electronically available. No more ACH payments void of remittance data. No more time-consuming manual entry of data. No more cutting costs with costly solutions.

On the Viewpost® network, smart business is simple, fast and amazingly cost-effective, freeing up more time for the business of running a business.

No wonder U.S. Bank, one of the top small business banks in the United States, is partnering with us to bring our electronic invoicing and payments services to its small business customers—including the ability to receive electronic deposit via Viewpost at no additional cost. We’re honored for the opportunity, and excited to do our part to help small businesses do big things.

Speaking of free, there’s more free and much less fee on our B2B network. See for yourself with our pricing details.


U.S. Bank customers: Eligibility requirements, other conditions, and fees apply. Contact a Viewpost Representative for complete details regarding terms and fees. U.S. Bank is not responsible for and does not guarantee the products, services or performance of third parties. Other bank fees, such as transaction fees, may apply. Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.

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