Sharing the Value of Viewpost

Inviting your trading partners to connect with you on Viewpost is as simple as sending an electronic invoice or payment. At the touch of a button your transaction is on its way, including an invitation for the receiving company to connect.

We believe that better transactions build stronger business relationships, and stronger relationships build better business.

Simple Payments

Once your company’s bank account is connected to Viewpost®, you can exchange electronic payments with companies you’re connected to on the network. No need to share or maintain sensitive account information either. No waiting for paper checks to arrive, be deposited, and cleared by the bank. Paying bills from any web-enabled device can be convenient, safe, and reliable.

Innovative Invoicing

The moment you send an invoice to a connected trading partner on Viewpost is the moment you stop wondering. Track the status of your invoice to see when its received, in review, approved and scheduled for payment, right from your laptop, tablet or phone—all for free. Plus, there’s no need to call your customer. Call home instead, maybe you need milk and cookies? Replace the time and money you spend on paper invoices with the value of remittance.

Transaction Details

Remittance data is electronic, and easily downloaded directly from Viewpost. You don’t have to search through paper or PDFs for payment details. Data can be captured in a spreadsheet or synced directly into your small business accounting software, such as QuickBooks® or Microsoft Dynamics® GP. You have the power of data and details at your fingertips.


Share the power of the Viewpost network with your colleagues. Invite team members to be users of your company’s account, set personalized permissions and approvals, and optimize daily workflows for everyone. The more colleagues you add, the more efficiency, and cost savings, you’re generating for your company.

Dynamic Discounting

We’ve modernized discounting to give you and your trading partners an efficient tool for collaborating on early payments. Because we’re a network, payers can broadcast a willingness to pay early, and payees can instantly see the offer and request early payment on demand. Upon approval by the payer, payment flows quickly, electronically, giving the payee access to liquidity while the payer earns exceptional risk-free returns. Dynamic discounting is dynamite.

Any size company in any industry can use Viewpost to save time and money. To learn more about how Viewpost can add value to your business, subscribe to our blog.


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