Peace of Mind is our Piece

Every company encounters barriers to achieving optimal efficiency. The most successful companies find ways to circumvent or remove them. One such barrier is the stubborn paper check, a payment barrier we’re in the business to eliminate. The following is from our Customer Support chronicles.

Kelly called Viewpost to learn how receiving electronic payments could expedite her business transactions and ease the headache of waiting for paper checks to arrive.

She connected her bank account to the Viewpost network, enthusiastic about increased efficiency.

Could it seriously be this simple? Yes.

The next morning Kelly called, frantic. She was awarded a last-minute contract, and was anticipating payment from another customer—payment that would provide the cash needed to fulfill the new contract. She had just joined Viewpost and wasn’t sure if her bank account was ready yet to receive payment by electronic deposit. She had always trusted paper checks, but would it arrive soon enough?

We decided to call the check printer and arrange for expedited mail delivery of her payment. That way, whichever path the payment took, it would be prompt. In the meantime, we recommended Kelly logon to Viewpost to view her account. Moments later, we were about to call her back to confirm overnight delivery of the paper check, when Kelly called us.

To her delight, her bank account was already enabled to receive electronic deposit. She could see the payment clearly, the amount, and the status. No need to wait after all. Next time she could invoice this way, too. She could track the whole transaction, and use this one place to capture remittance. She had instant visibility and access. She has never seen anything like it.

We prioritized Kelly’s payment and created a contingency plan, empowering her to run her business like it was our only job.

Peace of mind took no time at all. At Viewpost, this is business as usual.

Viewpost is dedicated to helping businesses overcome common barriers to productivity and efficiency. To learn more about how we can help your business succeed, subscribe to our blog.


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