Marvelous Benefits for Minimal Cost

Do you ever see a commercial and get excited that a product was designed with you in mind? The creators must be problem-solving geniuses to have pinpointed exactly what you need. You run to the store and pick up the awesome solution that was invented just for you.

Even as a business owner or leader you’re an individual consumer—one who’s running a business. What about all the business choices you have to make? There is a mind-numbing amount of products and services out there, but you need the solution that’s right for you.


Advertising may catch your attention, but what services truly meet your business needs?

  • It’s honorable to be committed to a person, a company, an ideal
  • Stay loyal to your brand and your promises, but feel free to assess the services you use for effectiveness and value
  • Sometimes we continue to use services which no longer serve us, simply because we’re relieved to find something that works even a little
  • When do you evaluate the value of the service again?


When selecting a business solution, it helps to identify what you need and what you may need in the future. You want to work the way you’re accustomed to working, while also preparing yourself to solve problems as they present themselves. Let’s face it, maybe your business needs have changed, and your providers may need to change too. Whether you’re a supplier, a customer, or both. Whether you’re a big business or small shop. Take a minute to evaluate how you are running your business.


What do you need to do?

  • Create professional invoices with ease, electronically
  • Share your banking information sparingly with the highest level of security
  • Send and receive payments safely, securely, and quickly
  • Know which invoices are being paid and when, and share when outgoing payments are scheduled
  • Communicate transaction process effortlessly with the companies you do business with
  • Search through your transactional data and find specific invoices and payments with ease
  • Do all of these functions whenever you want to for the least cost possible


What helps you run your business?
Online bill pay. Paper invoices, checks and envelopes. Emails. Phone calls. Mmm, maybe not.

  • Compare products, rank priorities, and decide which combination is right for you
  • Many solutions only solve one problem (You want it all)
  • You don’t have to piece together products to follow the path of one payment
  • Secure networks can be convenient
  • Tracking can be seamlessly integrated into an application
  • Save the bulk of your phone calls and emails for family and friends


Who provides all of these marvelous benefits and affordable invoicing solutions for a minimal cost? We do.

For more information on how Viewpost® can be valuable to your business, follow our blog.


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