Know Your #1 Security Safeguard

As more and more of today’s business processes are conducted online, it’s important to know how to protect your small business every step of the way. If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you may be at higher risk of a cyber attack.

Do you browse the internet?
Do you receive and open email?
What about purchasing—do you ever use websites that are not secured?
When you’re on the go, do you use public Wi-Fi networks that are not secured?
Or use a device that has been modified by rooting or jailbreaking?


As you can see, chances are good that more than one of your daily tasks is placing your business at risk. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve your protection.

One proven way is called Two-Step Verification, a precaution for protecting your sensitive information and account transactions.

A security safeguard that’s been around for years, Two-Step is effective because it requires you to access your account using something you know (a password) in tandem with something you have in your possession (a device capable of receiving SMS).

Examples of other Two-Step methods in everyday use include:

  • Pay at The Pump = Credit Card + ZIP code entry
  • ATM Transaction  = Credit Card + PIN
  • Building Access = Pass Card + PIN

Setting up Two-Step on Viewpost is easy, too:

  1. At your next login or during account setup, add an SMS-capable mobile device in Settings.
  2. Viewpost sends you (and only you) a verification code at login.
  3. Exchange invoices and payments through Viewpost with more peace of mind.

Learn more ways to safeguard your information with our online security tips.


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