Two-Step Verification is Twice as Smart

Today’s digital marketplace fosters a wicked immediacy of business opportunities that we all must balance with the inherent risk of online transactions. Fortunately, anyone on Viewpost can protect their activity with Two-Step Verification. Setup is quick, and always the smart thing to do.

Turning on Two-Step Verification is an easy way to help mitigate the risk of unauthorized account access and transactions. By the way, you may also hear this security measure called dual factor authentication or two-step/2-step authentication. All the same.

It’s called “two-step” because this security measure requires an account owner to access their account using something they know (their password) in tandem with something they have (a device capable of receiving SMS). Most of us carry a mobile device with us at all times anyway, no extra effort there.

We recommend that every member of the Viewpost® network, especially those with a connected bank account, activate this additional layer of protection. In fact, we recommend everyone use it on any online account—business or personal— whenever and wherever the capability is available. It’s a very small investment of time for a huge gain in security sophistication. Sophisticated, and yet practical.

Ready to do business even smarter than before?

Activating the Two-Step feature on Viewpost takes less than a minute. Login to your account, go to the Settings tab and select Security. Then turn on the feature and enter your mobile phone number. If you want, you can even choose to have Viewpost remember your device so the following logins do not require SMS code entry.

Now you’re an extra step ahead.

Learn more about our security measures and ways to actively protect your information every day.


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