Inc. features CEO Max Eliscu — Innovation is a Combination of Curiosity & Persistence

“If you want to be an innovator, you’ve got to have stamina,” writes Molly Reynolds for She recently spoke to Viewpost CEO Max Eliscu about what it takes to innovate in the financial services industry.

Following is an excerpt from an article written by Molly Reynolds and published on, June 19, 2017.

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Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it’s about new, never-been-seen before developments that change people’s lives forever. On other occasions, it involves improving on what we already know, taking everyday items and systems, shaking them up and making them better.

Whatever industry you delve into, whichever product or service on offer, one thing is the same. Innovation involves a creative process. It doesn’t happen overnight, like we see in the movies. That flash of brilliance moment, followed by instant results and widespread adoption.

According to Max Eliscu, CEO of B2B payments company, Viewpost, innovation takes “a combination of curiosity and persistence.” Eliscu has a lot to to say about innovation, chiefly, how to go about innovating a traditional industry resistant to change.

The world of B2B payments is an interesting one. In 2017, where nine out of ten Americans shop online and apps like Venmo allow teenagers split an order of burgers and fries, 97 percent of small US businesses still use paper checks and antiquated systems to pay their employees. This obviously, has created an interesting playground for innovation.




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