How to Get Paid Early by Offering a Discount

Check out our latest video that shows you how Viewpost makes it easy to offer your business customers a discount in exchange for early payment. Everything you need to set your offer is conveniently available with your invoice preview. Video length — 1:45.

Accessing the working capital you need to run your business can be simple with Viewpost Express® early payment discounting.

Maybe you need extra inventory to complete a large order. Maybe you need to meet payroll or buy new equipment. Business owners and finance professionals face cash flow challenges every day, and Viewpost has an easy-to-use feature for getting paid early.

In this helpful video, you’ll learn how to easily add a discount offer to an invoice before sending it off to your customer. This way, your customer knows immediately how early you’d like to be paid and how much savings you’re willing to offer on the invoice total.


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