Proactivity Breeds Value: Choose to Change

As any company grows, it’s inevitably faced with decision after decision. And the larger a company becomes, the more difficult those decisions become, including many related to technical functionality. But when do you know it’s time to make a proactive choice to change?

With so much energy dedicated to maintaining current business practices, when do you take the time to improve? Why would any business owner ever consciously change what’s already working? With a little research you’ll find that the leading catalysts of any business change are (in order of importance):

  • Regulation — “If the government says that my business has to change, then I will absolutely make changes, or cease to exist.”
  • Crisis — “If my industry experiences a crisis, then I will quickly make changes. I’ll adapt to survive.”
  • Value — “If I recognize an opportunity to add substantial value to my business, then I may decide it’s worth the hassle of changing.”

Now, looking at the leading catalysts above, 66% are entirely beyond a business owner’s control. Instead of constantly looking out for the next regulation or crisis that might reshape your business, we recommend focusing on what you can control: Finding value.

When you consider all the companies that have become synonymous with success here in the United States, you may think of Google, Facebook, Apple, or Tesla. All of these companies have one thing in common at their core— they readily embrace change, and chase value wherever they can find it. This philosophy can apply to any business, including yours.

Don’t wait to be forced to change, instead be the pioneer and enjoy your view from the top.

How do you know that making a change won’t fundamentally alter the business you know and love?

  • Keep your authenticity. Remember what was important to you in the beginning. Don’t compromise your brand to make a quick buck.
  • Listen carefully. Your customers, vendors, investors and employees are great resources. They have perceptions and perspectives that will complement yours. Learn from the people who are relying on you to succeed.
  • Focus on your goals. You have a very clear understanding of your definition of success. Don’t make any changes that move you farther from your goal.

Forge the future. Trust your instincts. Embrace the change that will leave your competition at the bottom of a very long climb.

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