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Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Accounting Process

Many freelancers are still holding onto techniques of age-old accounting, where paper-based processes rule the world, even though technology is available and waiting to replace paper. This in turn has led to a number of general mistakes and inefficiencies that not only make the freelance life harder, but also costs more money—in more ways than one—down the road. Read More

10 Bookkeeping Tips for Freelancers

Tax season is officially upon us and isn’t going anywhere until spring. If you’re a freelancer, this can be a stressful time of year if you haven’t been proactive about your bookkeeping. Even if you’re not a numbers person, it’s easy to stay on top of your accounting if you have the right systems and tools in place to help you out. Read More

The Effects of Mobile Accounting on Your Business

For years, the finance industry has been a little behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies. Many businesses are still using spreadsheets, paper invoices, paper checks, stamps and envelopes to manage invoices and payments. They face an important decision: Embrace simple technology, or be left behind. Read More