Avoid Wikipedia Freefall and Help Your Freelance Business Soar

You sat down to finish a proposal three hours ago; two hours and forty-five of the last minutes have been spent in Wikipedia freefall, reading about ancient giant sloths. It’s been four days since your last in-person meeting, which is, coincidentally, how long it’s been since you last wore pants. Your cash flow would be awesome, if you could only remember to send out that invoice.

Most freelancers are freelancers because they are creative, flexible, self-directed and maybe just the tiniest bit flaky. You’re not built for 9 to 5, but sometimes a bit of the stability of that lifestyle would be nice. You don’t have to set an alarm and get dressed in a suit every morning to work efficiently and productively (although some freelancers do). Instead, incorporate a few of these productivity tips:

  1. 1. Get all your invoicing in one place.
    Some of your stuff is in an online storage system, some is in documents strewn around your computer. This is no way to manage your cash flow. Using a digital invoicing and payment system, like Viewpost, allows you to create invoices in a few clicks and get paid. No more wondering whether you sent out the invoice; it’s right there.
  2. 2. Set working hours and days off.
  3. By cutting your hours, you will find that you actually get more done.

  4. When you don’t have a schedule, work can expand until it eats every waking minute of your life. By telling yourself you are only working until 5 p.m., you give yourself the urgency to stay on task and get things done.
  5. 3. Get out of the house.
    If you work from home, you can go days without talking to another adult. Keep yourself healthy by scheduling a regular in-person networking day each week. Meetup has networking groups for every industry. Some Meetups are professional in nature; others are more relaxed cocktail hours where you can share tips and socialize.
  6. 4. Get moving.
    When your commute is only as long as the distance between your desk and the refrigerator, it can be hard to get as much exercise as you need. Even if it’s just a 10 minute walk around the block, commit to an exercise break in the middle of the day each day. Getting outdoors can elevate your mood, improve your health and keep you alert during the latter half of the day.
  7. 5. Eat a real lunch.
    In an office, you have outside cues that it’s time to take a break and eat a real meal. As a freelancer, it’s too easy to spend all your time grazing from the fridge. At the beginning of each week, make balanced lunches that you can eat each day. Salads, premade portions of curry or chili and healthy wraps are all good choices.
  8. You’ll get better nutrition and enjoy your days more with real meals.

Doing these things every day can help you avoid burnout and improve your business. Freelancing doesn’t have to mean excessive structure. By incorporating these daily hacks, you can enjoy your freedom while getting socialization, structure and the things you need for your productivity, health and well-being.

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