5 Reasons to Start Using Viewpost Invoice

More and more small businesses are embracing the migration to electronic invoicing for any combination of the benefits illustrated in our infographic (if you need a refresher). And now you can take those same business tools mobile.

Earlier this year, we launched an all-new iOS app called Viewpost Invoice that allows you to do business on the go. If you’re ready to be more efficient with invoicing and payment processing in 2016, this app is for you. Let’s take a look at five reasons to start using Viewpost Invoice today.

1. Save Time by Invoicing On the Go

“Don’t wait to invoice your clients,” is a common business tip. Instead of letting your invoices pile up throughout the week, send them right from your phone when you’re on site with a client, or right after you’ve finished a job.

Staying on top of your invoicing will make for happier bookkeeping, and more timely payments.

2. Know When You’re Getting Paid

Viewpost Invoice allows you to track the progress of your invoice and payment, just like you would track a package. The app will notify you when your invoice has been received, opened, approved, scheduled for payment, and of course, paid.

3. Get Paid Quicker

When you invoice a customer through Viewpost Invoice, you can receive payment securely and directly into your registered bank account from a customer’s registered bank account. Or, you can accept credit card payments via Stripe to make the transaction even easier for you and your clients. Now your clients can say goodbye to the hassle and cost of paper checks, envelopes and postage, and say hello to the speed, convenience and savings of mobile invoicing and payment.

4. Send as Many Invoices as You Want

It’s true—you can send unlimited invoices to your clients, for free (this might just be our favorite feature). What’s more, you can create unlimited user accounts so, if you have employees, your whole team can use Viewpost to send invoices on the go.

Storage on the app is also unlimited, so you can hang on to invoices as long as you want, for duplication, accounting, or for historical reference.

5. Communicate with Clients

During day-to-day business, it’s common to have questions about line items, quantities and product codes on invoices. Still, there’s no reason to have the pursuit of clarity slowing down the delivery of payment. Viewpost Invoice lets you communicate with your customers directly within the app by sharing comments with each other on the invoice. This helps keep your invoices moving through approvals quickly and, you guessed it, efficiently.

Reason enough to give it a try? Take your invoicing on the go and enjoy the benefits of a smarter, faster, more cost-effective way of doing business.

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