3 Ways to Talk Payments with Your Trading Partners

So you’ve found a new payment solution and now you want to tell your trading partners. How best to do it? When you like a movie, you tell your friends about it. When you find a great new restaurant, you share it on a social network. Your friends trust your judgment, your taste—they value your opinion. Are trading partners any different?

We think you’re on to something, because the people you do business with have even more reason to value your point of view.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

-John F. Kennedy

3 Easy Ways to Start the Conversation:

1. Give a sense of security.
Is the service you’re using approved by the largest financial institutions? Are they ISO 27001 Certified? Are they SSAE16 Audited? Is your information 256-bit encrypted during transmission? If you answered yes, even to one of these questions, chances are you’re on your way to a productive conversation.

Security calms the nerves.

2. Share the value.
How much time and money are you saving? Do your trading partners stand to make similar gains? Did you know the industry average cost for sending or receiving a paper check is $2.00-$5.00? Most business owners don’t consider payments as a potential savings opportunity. A simple five-minute discussion is an investment that will pay you AND your trading partners dividends for years to come.

Sharing really IS caring.

3. Show the way.
Yes, you exchange invoices, payments, and do business together. But have you ever considered what together really means? By nurturing relationships you are actually nourishing your business. While emotional capital will not pay your invoices, having a true trading partner builds a foundation for business growth. Don’t be afraid to be the catalyst in your business network. Your trading partners will thank you.

Show up, start the conversation.

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