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Max Eliscu

Chief Executive Officer

Max is a dynamic leader who began his career at the dawn of the fintech era and has spent more than 30 years at the intersection of business financing, payments, and technology. After three years in middle-market banking at Bank of America, Max left and founded his first company, LSQ, to address a gap in working capital financing for small businesses. As LSQ grew into the leading independent supply chain finance platform in America, it became clear that the business and banking worlds were plagued by universal invoicing and payment barriers. Armed with a deep understanding of the industry challenges and strong relationships forged within leading financial institutions, Max raised $25 million and founded Viewpost in 2011 to focus on eliminating friction and increasing efficiency within B2B payments. With a focus on simplicity and value creation, Max has positioned Viewpost and its proprietary Check Optimization service as an invaluable solution for businesses, financial institutions, and technology providers seeking to digitize the last mile of paper checks. Max has led by example throughout his career, fostering a corporate culture that embraces mastery, autonomy, and service excellence in both businesses.

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